Net Worth Update February

This is the first entry for this blog and I’ll begin with a post that encapsulates the soul of the blog: Net Worth Updates stating what kind of investments I have made during last month, my reasoning behind them and some numbers showing how well my investments have performed during the month.

As it is the first month I am ever doing this, there’s not much data to put into nice-looking informative charts. But I’ll still try my best.

Quick overview

Overall I’ve invested +€800.00 in February
+€500.00 in stocks
+€300.00 in P2P lending

By the 1st of March 2020, my portfolio stands at €11 596.16
I’ll break it down below:


I have been investing with Mintos for quite a long time now and it has been steady passive income for me for nearly 3 years. I have previously withdrawn most of the portfolio to relocate back to Australia so now I am rebuilding my investment portfolio in Mintos and aiming to have 5000€ on the platform by the end of 2020. Currently, I am sitting on 1322.33€

In February I deposited 300€ into Mintos and earned 6.85€ at NAR showing me 12.11%.

passive income earned in Mintos
Mintos screenshot

As you can see I have NIL Defaulted loans on my name and total profit 690.36€. I have a quite clear strategy while investing in Mintos and I will break it down in a separate post.


Stocks have been rather interesting in February thanks to my home bank now offering to buy, sell and hold stocks without any fees. I have to say that I got excited and bought small positions in HAE1T and TAL1T this month. All my positions are in red due to market correction. I do not worry because my strategy is to buy and never sell. My plan is to buy more when prices go lower. Regular investments are the way to go.


I am currently holding a position in NHCBHFFT since 12.2016 and so far I have earned a total of 99.47€ interest. They pay it out quarterly and this month I have earned 9.45€. I am very happy with this investment and I am planning to buy more shares when the prices go lower.

Bank savings account

Currently, I have  €6,517.28 on my bank savings account which normally pays out 1.25% interest, but this month I did not receive any interest because I did not meet the criteria to earn it because I made a withdrawal from my savings account. This month I added 650€ into my savings account.

Cryptocurrency [AUD]

Crypto has been rather interesting as well. I sold nearly 80% of my portfolio on 26. February. I did not manage to sell when my portfolio was at an all-time high with worth over 600$ but I believe a bigger dip is ahead. My plan is to buy back to my positions in BTC and XRP when the prices go lower. Yes, I am trying to time the market. Overall I have deposited into crypto 300$ that means I am currently 125.68$ in profit with cryptocurrencies.

my cryptocurrency portfolio
Marked yellow, when I sold about 80% of my portfolio

Total passive income

I started tracking my total passive income from January 2020 and right now I am holding dividend-paying shares, the interest-paying fund, opened a savings account and hold a small portfolio in the Mintos P2P marketplace. Total passive income for February was 16.34€.

passive income


For me, tracking net worth is really motivating. Knowing that you have a financial fortress behind you and having a month or two off from work will not be a problem. I started just with having ~1200€ on my name in June 2019 and currently, I am sitting at  €11 596.16. I don’t count my car, my phone, and other personal belongings in my net worth. I do not have any dept/loans on my name.

my net worth and earned passive income
My net worth growth since June 2019

My net worth is a sum of:

  • Value of the shares I own each month and cash sitting on the investment account
  • Value of my savings account + cash
  • Value of the Equity funds I own
  • Value of my crypto portfolio
  • Value of P2P lending portfolio
  • Value of the SUPER/PENSION FUND
  • MINUS all dept/loans (which I do not have)


By the way, I am using an excel spreadsheet to track my spending and income. You can have it too, simply follow this link.

February has been an interesting month. All these Coronavirus fears have been hitting the stock market. My net worth has risen quite a bit in February mostly thanks to active income and overall I am happy with the month. Hopefully, I can take advantage of the recent correction. We will see what the future brings. Stay healthy and see you in the next post!

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