Net Worth Update March-April

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Welcome back! Its been 2 months from my last net worth update, and this time I summarize March and April together. I hope you are all well and healthy and able to move towards your goals whether it be getting into better shape mentally, physically, or financially.

Quick overview

Overall I’ve invested additional 950€ in March and April

By the 1st of May 2020, my portfolio stands at €14 412.88
I’ll break it down below:


I completely stopped deposits and reinvestments in my Mintos portfolio in early March due to COVID-19 and the restrictions. I feel like P2P lending might not be so safe investment when times are not that great. In about 2 months I have got back about 1/5th of my investments. 90% of my loans in Mintos are not longer than 3 months so theoretically I should have 90% of my investments available on my account in about 3 months.

mintos overview
Mintos screenshot

In March Mintos generated me 6.53€ and in May 11.04€ passive income.


Stocks have been interesting and when the prices go lower I am in buy- mode. I did buy into quite a few positions in March: Bought some more HAE1T and opened positions in TAL1T and TKM1T

my stock portfolio

I also received dividends from TKM1T total of 7.3€ landed on my bank account in April.


I am currently holding a position in NHCBHFFT since 12.2016. I did buy some more shares on a 1.1€ mark and lowered my average purchase price a little bit. As of 1. May Baltic Horizon Fund announced dividend reduction and will pay half as much as it usually does. Still happy about this investment and looking forward to increasing the share amount in the future. It is my only real estate/commercial rental property investment in my portfolio.

equity funds

Bank savings account

Currently, I have  €8,049.52 on my bank savings account. In March and April, I put an additional 1532.24€ into my savings account. In April I also earned 3.12€ interest.


Since March I have put some money into Bitcoin as the Bitcoin halving is on the way in the middle of May and I am speculating that it will be a good investment in the long term.

bitcoin price

Total passive income

I started tracking my total passive income from January 2020 and right now I am holding dividend-paying shares, the interest-paying fund, opened a savings account, and hold a small portfolio in the Mintos P2P marketplace. Total passive income for March was 6.59€ and in April it was 21.46€

passive income


For me, tracking net worth is really motivating. Knowing that you have a financial fortress behind you and having a month or two off from work will not be a problem. I started just with having ~1200€ on my name in June 2019 and currently, I am sitting at  €14 412.88. I don’t count my car, my phone, and other personal belongings in my net worth. I do not have any dept/loans on my name.

my net worth

My net worth is a sum of:

  • Value of the shares I own each month and cash sitting on the investment account
  • Value of my savings account + cash
  • Value of the Equity funds I own
  • Value of my crypto portfolio
  • Value of P2P lending portfolio
  • Value of the SUPER/PENSION FUND
  • MINUS all dept/loans (which I do not have)


By the way, I am using an excel spreadsheet to track my spending and income. You can have it too, simply follow this link.

Crazy times we live in and I hope you do not buy into the propaganda that has been released. I really think that there is something more than Covid-19 going on right now behind the scenes. I think all this reminds us that we need to be more self-sufficient and independent. Perhaps grow more of our own food, take more care of our body and mind.

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