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My thoughts when my home government decided to stop the payments into the retirement funds while the stock market prices are going lower.

So they think it is only a good time to buy stocks when prices are going up?

The same thinking is actually inserted into our minds as well. When there was a Bitcoin boom back in 2017-2018, there was a peak in the interest to buy and invest in Bitcoin. (WHEN THE PRICE WAS ALL-TIME HIGH)

But later in 2018, when the Bitcoin price crashed and the interest to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies faded as well. But now in 2020, the price of Bitcoin has been recovered from as low as 3200$ USD to 9500$ USD at the time of writing. I must mention that Bitcoin all time the high is $20 089,00 USD

I think this 3 minute video presents quite well the current situation of cryptocurrencies and how they might fit into our reality as a alternative to gold and other physical assets.

All credits to: Dustin O’Daffer

My thoughts: There can be the maximum amount of 21 000 000 Bitcoin and at the same time there can be theoretically(and seems like it is same in the reality) infinite amount of USD, AUD, EUR or any other FIAT currency then it is logical to me that the price of Bitcoin is only going to go up long term (at least while they are printing more money and interest in cryptocurrencies stays consistent).

If you consider investing in cryptocurrencies then I did small cryptocurrency exchange comparison for you. I mention that I use both of them. Binance for trading and Coinspot for hodling.

Coinspot, buy bitcoin
Coinspot, most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia

If you want to invest in Bitcoin and living in Australia then the best way is it to do through using Coinspot.

Join CoinSpot with my bonus link and you will receive $10 worth of Bitcoin* after you complete your first AUD deposit.

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Binance cryptocurrency exhange
Binance Exchange, world biggest global cryptocurrency exchange

If you are living in the United States or Europe, Australia, or any other country in the world then Binance is the best option for you.

Binance Exchange is the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, with users from over 190 countries and regions. Capable of processing more than 1.4 million orders per second, Binance is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest in the world. 

Although the verification process may take up to 2 days, it is easy to deposit and withdraw and it is completely free.

Trading fees are as low as 0.01% to 0.1% per trade.

If you join with my bonus link we both get a 10% bonus of commission of every trade we make. You will get from my trade commissions and I will get from your trade commissions. Your account must be verified.

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I also want to mention that investing in cryptocurrencies may be very risky and never invest money you don’t afford to lose.

Investment in cryptocurrencies can be as small as 1$ because there are no fees to deposit and withdraw. No fees to hold your cryptocurrencies on the exchange and trading fees are usually 0.1%.

I encourage you to do additional research and never do any actions based purely on emotion.

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I hope this cryptocurrency exchange comparison helped you. If you have any questions I will be happy to help. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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