Net Worth Update July

net worth update july 2020

Just a quick net worth update for July 2020.

Quick overview

On the 1. August my total net worth stands at 18 948.9€(+5.24%)

Passive income 47.12€


In July I withdraw 500€ from the Mintos marketplace. The remaining loans are almost all late. Mintos generated 7.5€ interest and shows me net annual return 11.41%.

Mintos overview


On the last day of July after I got dividends, I sold all my HAE1T at 4.6€ making me a 33% profit from the sale + 20€ dividends. I also sold my position with CPA1T at 1.09€ with a loss of 9%.

I would be able to buy HAE1T back at 4.30€ and CPA1T at 1.07€ at the moment, but I think after a few months will be better entry spots. Probably start buying small amounts when prices start dropping.

Dividends received: HAE1T – 20€ and TSM1T20.13€

I am a long term holder, but it seems stupid not to sell at almost all-time high prices and not to buy back in when prices go lower.

stock portoflio

Equity funds

In July I put another 200€ into NHCBHFFT and now I am holding 1000 shares. Baltic Horizon fund announced quarterly dividends and the payout will be reduced by 50% again this time.

equity funds

Bank savings account

Currently have 11 230.33€ in my savings account. In July received 4.52€ interest from it.

Cryptocurrency [AUD]

It has been an amazingly good month in crypto world in July.

My portfolio jumped 1000$ during the month. Thanks to Bitcoin jumped over 11 000$ and after I sold all my Bitcoins at 11k$ I bought and sold ETH for a couple of times, but it turns out I would have been better of just HODLing.

Right now I hold 6 ETH and around 10 different altcoins that are very cheap.

I also have some alt coins in Binance and offline wallets, but they are not worth not more than 200$ combined at the moment so I just not include them here right now.

cryptocurrency portfolio

Total passive income

I started tracking my total passive income from January 2020 and right now I am holding dividend-paying shares, the interest-paying fund, opened a savings account, and hold a small portfolio in the Mintos P2P marketplace. The total passive income in July was 47.12€ (317.36%).

47€ will buy me full tank of premium petrol in Sydney, Australia.

passive income July
Passice income July

Net Worth

On the 1. August my total net worth stands at 18 948.9€ (+5.24%)

Steady net worth gains are better than no gains. And I haven’t really been frugal while saving money. I just try to be reasonable..


Recorded the best month with passive income in July. Quite happy about it.

Did not save too much money from the work I did in July because I had fewer work hours in general and I am seeing that I will have reduced hours in the future as well. With these uncertain times I need to make sure that whatever happens, I will have some kind of income. The best time to invest is when others can’t.

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