Goals 2020

As you already know the end goal is to achieve financial freedom.

I am aware that it will probably take me a few years to achieve, therefore I am going to split the goal into bite-size pieces. The goals I set up for 2020 are the guidelines for the year and I will keep track of the progress of goals every month.

For me, financial independence would start from 800€/monthly passive income from my investments. This is what I am hoping to achieve in 4 years by my 30th birthday.

My goals for the year 2020 are following:

  1. Have 10 000€ on bank savings account as a rainy day fund.
  2. Have 5000€ on a Mintos peer to peer lending platform.
  3. Find at least 4 different dividend stocks in my portfolio. Done, March
  4. Achieve an average savings rate of 50%.
  5. Earn at least 1000€ passive income in 2020.
  6. Make regular posts on a blog throughout the year.
  7. Start making some money with a blog or any other online side hustle.
  8. Read at least 4 books.
  9. Stop drinking soft drinks and drink more water and eat more healthy food.
  10. Have a net worth at least 50 000€ at the end of the year 2020.