Hey, what’s it all about?

This personal finance blog where I document every step, be it a success or a failure, towards becoming financially free. Hopefully inspiring others on this journey as well.

My definition of financial freedom (FIRE)

The first goal for my investment portfolio is to reach a level of income where it’ll be enough to sustain my current lifestyle without relying on a salary.
Let’s call the first goal 1000€/month for simplicity.

Why blog?

  • To share my experience with all of you in hopes it helps others begin their journey towards financial independence as well.
  • Hold myself responsible on my own path towards becoming financially independent.
  • Keep track of progress monthly and share it with others.
  • Get comments and communication from you on things I can do better that would help towards becoming successful on this long journey
  • love writing and sharing the knowledge I consider useful!

Investment types

Although I don’t have any loyalty to any kind of investment or platform, my current investment strategy relies mostly on stocks and P2P lending platforms. I’ll make sure to share updates on the blog when and if I consider diversifying

Investment amount

I am starting off with a couple of thousand euros that I have saved over the past 6 months. I recently landed on a well-paying job which gives me the freedom to invest a nice amount of my salary every month. My strategy is to be very careful about where I put my money in. I am more “get rich slowly, but surely” kind of a guy.
You can see my current portfolio value here, and I plan to invest at least 1000€/month shared between different investment platforms


The whole reason I have decided to start this blog is that there are not enough resources online showing the full personal story of someone investing their hard-earned money and all the work that goes into it.
That’s why I believe it’d be hypocritical of me if I wasn’t fully transparent with you about every detail relating to my experiences with investing. I’ll share what brought me success and I’ll share what was a failure, and you can educate me as well about the things you have better knowledge about


The information you read on this blog is not investment advice
I’m not associated with any of the investment platforms I use.

The blog contains affiliate links. If the information you have gotten from my blog has helped you, you can use those links which will give you and me some small bonus.


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