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    Net Worth Update May

    net worth update may 2020

    Time to take May into pieces. Stock markets have been bounced back and it seems like fear of coronavirus has been faded a little bit and new “thing” came up called “Black Lives Matter”. Of course, it matters, so do any life. And lately, someone started to run “Start Investing” advertisements all over the radio stations. I think there was a good time to do some changes to the portfolio in March. Who bought stocks in March are now most likely able to make a profit from it. My strategy is still to acquire savings and only buy very small amounts of shares as I am still figuring out my way at investing and I think the regression has not even started yet. So better have some cash ready to hop in when the prices are right. Let’s now get to the business and start with the net worth update.

    Quick overview

    The total amount saved in May €2213.92, added + €370.30 into Bitcoin and on the 1st of June 2020, my portfolio stands at €16 626.80


    Mintos has been doing suspicious things lately and it makes me a little worried. Sometimes the numbers do not add up:

    Mintos overview, mintos referral link
    Mintos showing wrong numbers on its statement

    And many of the lending companies listed in Mintos has stopped paying, half of the loans are overdue and grace period which supposed to be up 2 days is now a week or even more. I stopped completely deposits and investments in early March. I am slowly getting my money back, but what we are learning now is that there is no quick way out unless you are one of the first ones to withdraw your money.

    mintos referral link
    My Mintos portfolio on 1st of June


    By the end of May, stocks have been rebounded fairly and my small stock portfolio gained roughly 100€ in its value. I did not buy into any positions in May.

    baltic stock market, stock portfolio
    mStock portfolio


    I am currently holding a position in NHCBHFFT since 12.2016 and so far I have earned a total of 108.98€ interest. They pay it out quarterly and this month I have earned 9.08€. I reinvested this dividend and now hold 613 shares. Baltic Horizon fund cut its usual dividend by roughly 50% in the first quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19 and unknown circumstances around that. I agree with the managers of the fund and it is better to have some backup money on the fund account.

    equity funds, baltic horizon fund

    Bank savings account

    Currently, I have  €9854.98 on my bank savings account. That means I almost achieved my this year goal to have €10 000 on my savings account. In May, I put an additional 1805.46€ into my savings account. I also earned 0.71€ interest on it which is not much, but passive income is passive income.

    Cryptocurrency [AUD]

    I have put some money into cryptocurrency as the Bitcoin halving is on the was in the middle of May and I am speculating that it will be a good investment in the long term. I did one successful trade as well sold all my bitcoin at the price of 14800$ AUD and bought back at $13902.02 AUD making me profit 84.52$ AUD.

    net worth of my cryptocurrency portfolio. Coinspot crypto exhange
Bitcoin halving, bitcoin, ripple
    Cryptocurrency portfolio overview

    Total passive income

    I started tracking my total passive income from January 2020 and right now I am holding dividend-paying shares, the interest-paying fund, opened a savings account, and hold a small portfolio in the Mintos P2P marketplace. Total passive income in May was 14.79€.

    It may be not much but if I am consistent it will grow over the years and eventually I would be able to pay for my living costs from the passive income I get. For 14€ I would be able to pay for my monthly mobile recharge.

    Passive income May 2020
    Passive income May 2020


    For me, tracking net worth is really motivating. Knowing that you have a financial fortress behind you and having a month or two off from work will not be a problem. I started just with having ~1200€ on my name in June 2019 and currently, I am sitting at  €16 626.80 I don’t count my car, my phone, and other personal belongings in my net worth. I do not have any dept/loans on my name.

    net worth, savings
    Net worth update May 2020

    My net worth is a sum of:

    • Value of the shares I own each month and cash sitting on the investment account
    • Value of my savings account + cash
    • Value of the Equity funds I own
    • Value of my crypto portfolio
    • Value of P2P lending portfolio
    • Value of the SUPER/PENSION FUND
    • MINUS all dept/loans (which I do not have)


    Some of you might think that the way I am going with my savings and investing is too slow and boring. Well, I think the same. I am actually looking to accelerate the progress and started my first Youtube channel and you might be interested to look this out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiewl1Xe02D2Vxfx202cfSA

    Billionaire George Soros (actually I do not like him because of his reasons to do things) once said: “First million is the hardest, after this, it will go easier” And I also think saving first 1000€ was harder than saving 1000€ now, passive income and other small things are helping on the way.

    I have one rule when I am investing my money and this rule is NEVER LOSE MONEY

    It is really important for me to write this blog because it is really giving me a boost and motivation for the month to come because seeing the progress in beautiful charts and graphics is motivating.

    By the way, I am using an excel spreadsheet to track my spending and income. You can have it too, simply follow this link.

    I hope you guys enjoyed net worth update May and please subscribe to this blog to get notified with further updates.